On our website you find information about our activities and accomodation. Different combinations are possible to make sure we can custom fit the trip to your wishes. Please send us a request through the contact form so we can respond with an offer that has been put together specially for you.



Since we are (still) not a travel agency / travel agent, we can not sell flights and hotel services together with our services in one package for legal reasons. Therefore we have to split the price into 3 parts:


Flight: We pass the relevant data for the flight to FlyCar GmbH and you will receive the booking confirmation and invoice directly from FlyCar.


Get Lost: You will pay for the activities according to the special program for you. After conclusion of the booking a deposit for payment of 20% is payable. The balance is - unless another date of payment has been agreed and the journey can not be canceled for the reason referred to our terms and conditions - due four weeks prior to departure.


Hotel: Upon your departure, you will pay the hotel accommodation (and the included services) directly at the hotel in SEK. Additional services such as beverages, 3-course menus etc. will be billed separately.


Please also note our terms and conditions. We can send them to you at any time.


- Hotel-based
- Outdoor/Multiday Tour
- Aurora-Spa
Rallye on Ice

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