From Beginner to Expert:


We like to give every guests a great experience. This means that, even when there is a difference in riding level between guests in the group, we are able to make it an interesting experience for everybody.


By guiding groups not larger then 6 or 7 guests we ensure that the tours will stay dynamic and enjoyable for everybody.


Our experienced team knows the area very well. This makes sure we can be flexible in changing routes and destinations depending on weather or snowconditions. Therefore making sure you get what you came fore. And if you're lucky.....we GET LOST.


From short- to full-day trips


Do the things, you can offer by yourself, in the best possible way.

We love to go out with the sled-dogs. But we can´t offer the tours by ourself. So we ask our friends form Kennel Lumi, which provide a dogsled-tour like we do our snowmobile-tours: make it in unforgetable experience...


From short- to full-day trips


You want to explore the beauty of Swedish Lapland by feet? Let´s put hot drinks and some food togehter with your camera in the backpack and let us go out for a day in the wilderness.

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