To make your trip more adventurous

Out in the Woods

Get Lost in the forrest and go back to basic...

We can make our tours longer by making an over night stop on various locations. You can sleep in a house, log cabin or choose to have an adventurous night in a tent.


After arrival we prepare a nice dinner and are ready to use our aurora outdoor spa. Slow down, relax and reload on a beautiful location in the middle of nature. After a relaxing evening there will be a nice warm bed ready for you in a typical swedish house.

In the morning we start off with a ferm breakfast and are fresh and ready for the rest of the tour.

Log cabin

We arrive at a cabin in the middle of the forrest. The last sign of civilisation has been seen hours ago. Inside, the fire is already started. Here in this cosy, warm cabin we can enjoy a warm dinner made from local ingredients. After dinner we unwind, hopefully enjoy the polar light and perhaps even take an arctic shower before diving in to our sleeping bags.

In the morning we wake up to the smell of a warm breakfast after which we get on to the snowmobiles and continue our tour.


Now here's a small challenge. After an already tiring day on the snowmobile we arrive at the place where we will spend the night. As you will notice, everything is a bit more difficult with gloves on and things take a bit longer when it is -20°C. Preparing a nice, warm and comfortable night suddenly becomes a team effort.

Once we have put up the tent and prepared our gear for the night, you will receive a rewarding warm dinner. Try an arctic shower before you crawl in to your sleepingbag and instantly sleep like a baby.

In the morning a warm breakfast will be prepared and when you get out of the tent you will discover the magic of camping in the arctic. Complete silence in a serene enviroment.

After packing the equipment we enjoy a coffee and continue our tour on the snowmobiles.

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