Why we are doing it?!

About Get Lost



After working as snowmobileguides for some one else we thought it would be time to go out for ourselves and have a good time. After several people had asked if we could guide them in our own time we thought it would be selfish to keep all this fun to ourselves. And when it comes to having a good time; it only gets better when we are able to let others enjoy it as well.


So, why Get Lost?

We have been riding snowmobiles around in Swedish Lapland long enough to be able to tell you that things start getting interesting when you are not sure where you are. And the reward is only bigger when you still manage to find your way and reach your destination. So far we have always found our way, which means we don't get lost, we just take detours. But on these detours you will have a better time then you ever imagined.


"Life starts at the end of your comfortzone"


With us you're able to go there in a safe but exciting way.

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